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Four Questions about Architectural Shingles

May 17


There are numerous options to choose from in the event of replacing your roof. Because they are more durable and fashionable than standard asphalt shingles Architectural shingles are among the most desired. Although, they're not as widely used, you might be asking questions regarding the shingles. Below are some answers to some of these questions that will assist you in making a decision.


What you need to know about Architectural Shingles?

Although architectural shingles look like traditional shingles, they employ a different material for the base. For example, asphalt varieties utilize fiberglass or recycled paper base which is mixed with asphalt. While they are durable but they are susceptible to being damaged when water falls behind the shingles. On the other hand, architectural shingles use a thick fiberglass mat as a base. After that, ceramic coated particles are laid on top of it and then covered in asphalt. This produces a thicker shingle with an textured surface that adds more depth to your roof. Additionally, you'll find this thing impressive by the exceptional assistance and support provided by roofing repair and replacement in the south dakota


What are the benefits?

Architectural shingles last longer since they are thicker than traditional types. Because the fiberglass base resists moisture, they can withstand the elements of rain and snow more effectively. Furthermore, they weigh more, which means that powerful winds tend to not pull them away from your home. Alongside their durability, a lot of homeowners believe that these shingles appear better in the home. Due to the texture of the roof, they're sometimes called "dimensional roofing". They're additionally available in a range of colors that let homeowners to customize the look of your house.


Are they special?

Based on the requirements you have to replace your roof you have the option of choosing among a variety of architectural shingles. If you live near trees, you might choose an option that is not susceptible to impact. This protects your home in the event of a branch falling. Also, you can choose shingles that are treated with reflective coating, which blocks the sun from sending excess heat into the home and keeps it cool. For more information, you can better call the roofing experts in black hawk sd.


Owens Corning is the world leader in architectural shingle technology. Teamwork Exteriors was selected as an preferred contractor by Owens Corning. We are able offer lifetime warranty on your roof as an approved contractor.

How do I prepare for the installation?

Installing architectural shingles is similar in the process of other roofing replacement projects. That means the preparation is the same. First, remove items that are hanging on your walls or sitting on shelves attached to the wall as the vibrations from construction can knock them off. Take out any furniture that is outside of your home so roofing contractors are able to access it. It is possible to store things in your attic. Cover them with tarps in order to stop dust and debris from falling on them while contractors work.


Roof repair services in my area are readily available if you're looking to replace your roof or installing architectural shingles.

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