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Roof Replacement Costs and Budgeting for a New Roof

Jun 28


The cost of the replacement of a roof is affected by a number of elements but most importantly, it is the type of roofing being installed the contractor's expertise and high-quality of his work warranties, the quality of workmanship, the physical attributes of the structure. The cost will be affected by the addition of additional components like decking or underlayment, as well the number of layers that are being added.

Global consumers can use the current estimations of price to figure out the worth of competing contractors' estimates when comparing different estimates.


A good starting point hen researching prices is to understand the current market price in terms of the prices for roofing replacements using specific materials prices vary greatly, based on whether you're installing roofing with shingles, a metal roof, or a flat roof.


The initial cost is only one part of the story. This is particularly true for heavier materials, like metal. Metal roofing can be more costly and lasts longer. They also provide energy savings and reflect sunlight better.

Current Average Roof Replacement

Contractors usually quote prices for 100 square feet of roofing area. If you're not certain of the dimensions of your roof, you can determine them. Once you have that, you can apply these tips to calculate the cost of three of the most sought-after kinds of residential roofs..


  • Roofs with asphalt shingle are currently priced between $200 to $320 for 100 square feet of area which is $266 as the overall average. These figures assume you're using standard-quality shingles and you're overlaying the replacement shingles atop existing ones. If you're putting in a new underlayment, or if you've elected to invest in premium shingles, anticipate the cost to be more expensive.

  • Metal roofs show a current price range of $950 to $1,250 for 100 square feet, with an average cost being about $1,100. The estimate also assumes specific conditions, for example, that you are using standing seam roofing tiles and you aren't entirely tearing off your existing roof.

  • Flat roofs currently cost between $165 and $275 per 100 square feet, averaging about $220 in the event that there is no removal of the existing roof and that the standard asphalt roll is being used.

If the contractors you're considering use prices that are well below these levels It's an excellent idea to find out why. It is important to thoroughly research the roofing business you're contemplating. Find out how satisfied customers have been with the work they received and whether the work has held up over the warranty period. Advosy Roofing Company is the best choice because we offer amazing services and a less expensive cost.

When looking for contractors:

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  • Be sure the roofing contractor is licensed in your state.

  • Make sure they have adequate roofing insurance. Inquire about worker's and indemnity insurance. Also note the date on which coverage is due to expire.

  • Check the length and types of warranties they provide. Warranty on workmanship and materials is subject to variations. Certain roofers also provide extensive warranties for systems. The warranty minimum for roofers' work is one year, but the majority of roofers offer extended warranties.

  • Get personal references. A Mesa AZ roofing contractor experienced in water damage restoration Mesa AZ is likely to have multiple references. It's recommended to go through reviews online on sites such as Google Local, Yelp and InsiderPages.

  • Ask Advosy whether they're doing the work. Are they working with their own team or is it an independent subcontractor. If so, ask the contractor for subcontractor contact details, and then ask the subcontractor to answer the same questions.

  • An estimate should include the following details: the dates of completion/start; materials to be used; labor cost permits; guarantees for workmanship materials; cleanup requirements. It is essential to obtain multiple roofing estimates. Only by comparing the same information it is possible to identify which is the best fit for the job and what it will cost.

  • Check specific qualifications. Certain roofing companies require training and certification for the installation of their products. Make sure that your roofing contractor is experienced in installing your specific roofing material.



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