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Jun 22

About Merewether

Merewether is a charming suburb nestled just 3 km away from Newcastle's bustling central business district. With a population of around 11,000 people, this former Municipality boasts a delightful community atmosphere that is both welcoming and friendly. Spanning 3 km from its golden sands of Merewether Beach to the stunning vistas of Adamstown on the western edge, this suburb offers a diverse range of experiences for visitors and residents alike. Whether you're looking for a tranquil day on the beach or a lively night out exploring its bustling social scene, Merewether has something for everyone to enjoy.

Merewether, a picturesque suburb located in the city of Newcastle, Australia, has a rich history and a unique charm that sets it apart from other neighbourhoods. What many may not know is that Merewether was originally a part of the Burwood Estate, and it takes its name from the owner, Edward Christopher Merewether. The Church of England parish church, St. Augustine, holds a special place in the heart of the community. Mr. Merewether himself contributed the land and cost for the church's erection. In 1885, Merewether was incorporated as a Municipality, covering 1,110 acres and 31 km of streets. What's fascinating is that the population in 1891 was already a whopping 4,700 people. David Lloyd, a funeral director, was the Mayor in 1901. Today, thanks to a 1938 act of the New South Wales Parliament, Merewether is part of the "City of Greater Newcastle." The former Council Chambers now houses the Australian Returned Services League, reminding residents of the community's historical prominence.


What to do at Merewether

Nestled in the heart of Newcastle, Australia lies the iconic Merewether Beach. This stunning stretch of sand boasts some of the most breathtaking views in the country, with crystal-clear waters and jaw-dropping sunsets that leave visitors utterly spellbound. But Merewether's appeal reaches far beyond its natural beauty, as the beach is also home to the internationally renowned surfing competition, Surfest. Every year, surfers from around the world flock to Merewether to compete in this prestigious event, showcasing their skills and dazzling spectators with their jaw-dropping manoeuvres. So whether you're an experienced surfer or simply looking to soak up some sun on one of Australia's most famous beaches, Merewether promises to be an unforgettable experience like no other.

There's something special about starting your day with a coffee in hand, sitting at a beachside cafe, and watching the world go by. At Merewether Beach, that experience comes with an added bonus - watching locals walking their beloved dogs, parents sipping on their caffeine while juggling their sandy-haired little ones, and surfers rolling in by the dozen. And if you're up for a leisurely stroll, Merewether Ocean Baths, the largest ocean bath complex in the Southern Hemisphere, is just a stone's throw away. This spot also happens to be the southern end of the scenic Bathers Way walk, making it the perfect starting point for a morning or afternoon of exploring.


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